Customised theme

All our parties have a standard price of £190 including hall hire or we can go to your preferred venue at the reduced price of £160.

Time Duration:
Each party theme is for a duration of 2 hours

It can be held at the following locations:
1-Ampthill Methodist Church
2-Flitwick Village Hall
3-Bedford St Cuthberts Hall
We can also go to a venue of your choice!

Guest limit: 25

Customised theme:
Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know what your little one’s vision is and we can bring it to life!

A customised theme will be run very similar to a birthday bash, but with a theme of your choice.

Stuck for idea’s? Here are some theme’s your child might like:
Animal theme
Army Theme
Ballet theme
Barbie theme
Car theme
Cowboy and cowgirl theme
Dinosaur theme
Fancy Dress theme
Gingerbread theme
Hawaiian theme
Jungle book theme
Minion theme
Minnie and Mickey theme
Ninja/ninja turtle theme
Pokemon theme
Power Ranger theme
Pyjama theme
Scooby Doo theme
Space theme
Sports theme
Star Wars theme
Toy Story theme
Transformers theme
Witches and wizards theme